Windows Installation

    Headlamp is available for Windows as a direct download from its releases page on Github (.exe file) and from the Chocolatey package registry.

    Install via Chocolatey

    To install Headlamp from the Chocolatey registry, first install the choco command by following its official instructions . After choco is available, install Headlamp by running the following command:

    choco install headlamp


    To upgrade Headlamp when its installed with Chocolatey, run the command:

    choco upgrade headlamp

    Install via Github Releases

    To install Headlamp from its official installer, first download the .exe file for the latest release ’s assets section (located at the bottom of the section). Then double click the file and follow the installer’s instructions.


    Until we have an automatic update, to upgrade Headlamp when it’s installed directly from its installer, you have to download the new version of the installer and re-install it.