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Your Kubernetes Experience

Headlamp is a user-friendly Kubernetes UI focused on extensibility

Install on your platform

Adaptable UI & Branding

Create custom experiences with minimal effort

RBAC-Based controls

Headlamp adapts to a user’s cluster permissions.

Desktop and Web

It can be run as a web app, desktop app, or both.

Get Headlamp

Desktop App

Headlamp can be run as a desktop application, for users who don't want to deploy it in cluster, or those who want to manage unrelated clusters locally.
Download binaryDownload iconDownload for Windows
Install using WinGet
winget install headlamp
Install using Chocolatey
choco install headlamp


A common use-case for any Kubernetes web UI is to deploy it in-cluster and set up an ingress server for having it available to users.

Install Headlamp in your cluster using Helm. Run the following:

helm repo add headlamp
helm install my-headlamp headlamp/headlamp --namespace kube-system
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Headlamp works with your favorite Kubernetes flavor

We are a Cloud Native Computing Foundation Sandbox Project.