What is Headlamp?

Out of the box, Headlamp is a fully functional Kubernetes UI. By leveraging its powerful plugin system, builders can shape Headlamp to fit their bespoke use-cases, products, and environments.

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We are a Cloud Native Computing Foundation Sandbox Project.

A UI that adapts to your use-cases

Headlamp adapts not only to a user's cluster configuration (multiple or single cluster, permissions-based UI, etc.), but its powerful plugin system allows builders to customize the experience with new functionality that fits their products.

Adaptable UI & Branding

Headlamp’s plugin system makes it possible to create custom experiences with minimal effort; add/extend views, customize branding, etc.

RBAC-based Controls

Headlamp adapts to a user’s cluster permissions. It checks RBAC and displays actions like delete or edit only if the user has the permissions to do so.

Desktop and/or Web

Keeping with Headlamp’s goal of supporting a fully customizable exprience, it can be run as a web app, desktop app, or both.

See it in action

GIF showing a quick tour of Headlamp’s capabilities

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