Contribution Guidelines

    This section has information on how to contribute to Headlamp. It assumes you have cloned this repository (or your own Github fork).

    Any contributions to the project are accepted under the terms of the project’s license ( Apache 2.0 ).

    Code of Conduct

    Please refer to the Kinvolk Code of Conduct .

    Development practices

    The Headlamp project follows the Kinvolk Contribution Guidelines which promotes good and consistent contribution practices across Kinvolk’s projects. Before start contributing, and in addition to this section, please read those guidelines.

    Filing an issue or feature request

    Please use the project’s issue tracker for filing any bugs you find or features you think are useful.

    Security issues

    For filing security issues that are sensitive and should not be public, please send an email to [email protected] .


    If you want to contribute to the internationalization of Headlamp, please refer to the dedicated i18n docs .

    Complex contributions

    If you have a complex contribution in mind (meaning changes in the architecture or a lot of LOC changed), it is advisable to first file a Github issue and discuss the implementation with the project’s maintainers.

    Coding style

    The coding style for the backend and frontend should be consistent. For helping and verifying that, we have go and js linters.

    For linting the backend and frontend, use the following commands (respectively):

    make backend-lint
    make frontend-lint

    The linters are also run in the CI system, so any PRs you create will be tested for compliance with the coding style.

    To speed up a review from the project’s maintainers, please make sure that the CI checks are passing for your PR.

    Commit guidelines

    For the general guidelines on making PRs/commits easier to review, please check out Kinvolk’s contribution guidelines on git .


    The frontend is tested via Storybook related snapshots. So new components should have an associated story when possible.

    For running the frontend tests, use the following command:

    make frontend-test

    The backend uses go’s testing and can be run by using the following command:

    make backend-test

    Tests will run as part of the CI after a Pull Request is open.