Linux Installation

    We ship Headlamp the Linux desktop in several formats: Flatpak , AppImage , Tarballs .


    Flatpak gives an isolated and bundled way of running Headlamp, with decoupled runtime updates (besides other benefits ).

    Make sure you install Flatpak and enable the flathub repository , then install Headlamp with the following command:

    flatpak install io.kinvolk.Headlamp

    For running it, just launch it as usually in your Linux desktop, or run:

    flatpak run io.kinvolk.Headlamp


    To upgrading Headlamp when it’s installed via Flatpak, run:

    flatpak update io.kinvolk.Headlamp


    Headlamp can be used as an AppImage by downloading and running it directly.

    To download, choose the AppImage file from the latest release page . You can then run it with the following command (examplified for the AMD64, 0.16.0 version):



    To run Headlamp from one of the tarballs, after downloading the tarball for the latest release , you have to extract the contents from it and run the headlamp binary in the resulting folder (examplified below for the AMD64, 0.16.0 version):

    tar xvzf ./Headlamp-0.16.0-linux-x64.tar.gz
    cd Headlamp-0.16.0-linux-x64